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Screpy onboarding proves how fast SEO can be

SEO takes a lot of time and analysis to do correctly, but Screpy is an AI tool on a mission to change that! By using a smart onboarding process, Screpy shows users how to makes search engine optimization quicker and more accessible by utilizing AI for analysis.  

It all begins on the homepage. Just click “Test your website” to get started.

Screpy AI magic in action
Image from Screpy

After clicking the test button, users are directed to a page to input their website’s URL. After you add your URL, the real Screpy AI magic begins!

Screpy test you website prompt
Image from Screpy

ICYMI, Screpy only asks for users to sign up after they’ve started analyzing your website.  

Screpy, register while you wait form
Image from Screpy

By putting the register screen after you start analyzing your website, Screpy accomplishes two things. First, users are motivated to go a bit further to get results. Second, adding a signup section gives the company’s system the time it needs to finish its AI analysis.

Depending on the website’s size, the results could be ready by the time users finish with the setup. In which case, they’ll be greeted with everything they’d want to know about the SEO of their website and ways to make improvements.

Screpy AI results dashboard
Image from Screpy

Why this is really good UX:

  • The time to value is reduced to the bare minimum. People can get personalized SEO suggestions in a matter of minutes and with only a couple of questions.
  • Screpy saves users time by letting them start the analysis before registering.
  • The homepage CTA directly targets what users want (analyzing their website) and not what the website wants (signups).