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Quip's cheeky signup message

Quip gives users online docs with “superpowers” (like commenting, tagging, spreadsheets, reminders, and more) that enable teams to collaborate seamlessly in one place and across all devices. As a team-oriented product, Quip encourages users to use their work email during signup.

Why this is really good UX :

  • A lot of users may accidentally use their personal email out of habit. By checking for addresses from personal email providers (like Gmail and Yahoo), Quip helps users sign up with the email address that will provide them the most value.
  • The message at the bottom of the second screen lets users know that a work email will give them a better experience, without sounding imposing.
  • The playful tone of the message that users have to check to continue with their personal address sets up a friendly tone of interacting with the app that makes it feel comfortable and familiar.