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Postmark's transparent metrics reporting

[ReallyGoodUX + Keen: This review was written in partnership with, who are on a mission to prove that metrics can be part of great UX, too!]

Postmark is a transactional email service that’s used by companies including Asana, UNICEF, and IKEA.

Postmark has the tricky task of delivering to email providers that might be having delivery issues of their own. So, they provide real-time data on the deliverability speeds of their emails—completely publicly.

this is a screenshot of postmark's homepage that shows real-time email delivery speed statistics

Why this is really good UX:

  • The data is available right on Postmark’s homepage for maximum transparency
  • Each email provider is color coded and changes in real-time based on how they are performing to average (green if better, yellow if medium, red if bad).

Why this really good UX matters:

This level of transparency builds trust with users. Postmark users can see which email providers might be experiencing issues, without experiencing any added cognitive load.

What's more, using these real-time email delivery stats supports Postmark’s value proposition of lightning-fast performance.