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Pitch “pitches” their product during onboarding

We’ve moved far beyond the world of a boring ol’ PowerPoint (although some of those slide transitions were epic). Today’s presentations are smart and slick—and often collaborative. Pitch makes it easy for teams to create stunning decks together and collect feedback through comments and suggestions.

In the welcome modal for new users, Pitch offers a gif showing just how easy it is to build and edit a deck.

At the end of the welcome, Pitch gives users a few different suggestions to get started: create a presentation (using a template or from scratch) or import a current deck and convert it to Pitch.

After the welcome modals, Pitch provides 3 examples of completed decks. But they’re not just templates. Pitch uses these decks as additional training tools for new users, walking them through features step-by-step. Genius.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Pitch’s welcome modals include a face (Ada from Pitch) to create a more human experience.
  • Including a gif in the welcome gives the user a visual of how the product works before they dive in.
  • At the end of the welcome, Pitch gives users specific suggestions for next steps: use a template, start creating from scratch, or import an existing presentation.
  • The tutorials that Pitch has created with its own product have clear intent for users (such as “Learn the basics”). The educational decks walk users through different features, and users can practice editing the slides based on the instructions in front of them.