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Pipedrive’s setup checklist helps users keep information synced

Juggling deals in the sales pipeline can be a lot. Salespeople need a CRM tool that enables them to be more efficient in managing leads. That’s where Pipedrive comes in, with the claim that the product is “ridiculously easy to use.”

And what better way to show off that ease of use than with a 1-minute intro video. Pipedrive shows this clip to new users, so they can see how to create deals and move them from one stage to the next.

Rather than focus on specific features, Pipedrive is all about setting up product through things like syncing email, installing the mobile app, and syncing a calendar. After all, there’s nothing easy about having to go to 3 different apps to figure out “What do I need to do next with my sales leads?” Life is better with everything in one place.

As users move through the steps on the checklist (like importing existing data), Pipedrive continues to offer video tutorials and keeps the checklist handy in the lower right corner of the screen.

What makes this really good UX:

  • The checklist includes a short description after each setup item to help users understand why that task is important, such as “link emails to deals automatically” for the “Sync your email” task.
  • As users work through their checklist, a progress bar hovers in the bottom right of the screen on a card to let users know how much of the setup is left (i.e., how much more time they need to put into the product to get the most value).
  • Pipedrive expresses its brand's light tone with fun yet short setup videos. The import data video begins with, “Obviously, you’ve gotta get your data in here somehow, right?”