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Monday's frictionless signup, smooth data collection, and easy user invite prompt is a team-based project management tool that allows users to visually and transparently track projects, tasks, deadlines, and dependencies—promoting productivity and accountability through organization and positive feedback.  

Their initial user onboarding sequence—which takes new users through signup, to adding teammates, to creating their first project in the app—does a great job of collecting user data and introducing core features without overwhelming first-time users.

We focused in on the first part of their onboarding flow—and really liked what we found. Below, we'll take a closer look at what Monday gets right about their data collection and user invite prompts:

A smooth and simple signup 

For starters, Monday simply asks new users to enter their email. This is a common tactic for SaaS landing pages, and it’s easy to see why: By not requiring a name, organization, or password, Monday significantly lowers the friction of this first key step—without compromising the lead.  marketing website landing page with single signup field for work email

Easy, breezy data collection

Next, users are asked a series of questions. What makes this a nice bit of UX is that the fields unfold one at a time with a smooth animation, as the user answers each question. This approach allows Monday to collect the data they need, without overwhelming users with a lengthy list of questions.

Reassuring copy (“you’re almost there”) and being able to see the Monday workspace just behind the modal also give users a sense that the onboarding process will be brief.

data collection declared data modal window as part of user onboarding

An understanding user invite prompt

The last step before users are introduced to the product itself is a prompt to invite teammates. Having this step occur early in the experience reenforces the collaborative nature of the app.

In another nice detail, the copy in this fullscreen modal acknowledges that many users are likely still evaluating the product—”invite teammates you’d like to explore the monday app with”—and users are given multiple, low-effort ways to invite their colleagues.

user invite prompt modal window example with easy options for inviting teammates

Why this is really good UX:

  • Monday is designed to help teams work better together. The collaborative nature of the product is reinforced through microcopy (“what does your team do?”) and an early user invite prompt.
  • Speaking of that invite prompt, Monday is smart to acknowledge that at this stage in their journey, many users are just exploring their options. Inviting colleagues to assess a potential product solution feels like a lot less commitment than asking them to integrate a product into their workflow—and Monday makes this clear, again through great UX copy.
  • The invite prompt also offers users multiple low-effort ways to invite teammates to the app. On the whole, Monday’s signup flow does a great job of reducing friction and making the data collection process feel more approachable through reduced visual clutter, convenient options, and friendly copywriting.
  • The 3 steps above can be breezed through in just around a minute. Keeping this process short and sweet helps Monday move new users into the platform faster, reducing their time to value—all without compromising on key data collection points that will help them personalize the user experience later on.