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Mention's results-oriented signup flow

Mention lets users monitor mentions of brands or keywords—whether they're related to their own business or to a competitor's. Mention's sign-up flow seamlessly walks users through the app's most important feature—creating an alert. As soon as users log in, they get a feed full of real brand mentions pulled from around the web.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The drop-down menu that appears as users begin to type, adds confidence that they're creating an alert for the right brand.
  • The second step of the signup flow helps the user get added value from using the app (that they might not get otherwise) by suggesting brands that the user would want to follow.
  • While pulling the user's requests in, Mention uses the splash screen to show users where it's pulling data from. This message gives users a deeper glimpse into how the service works and helps boost confidence in its effectiveness through the use of popular social media logos.