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Loom’s targeted onboarding flows bring users to their aha moment

An effective customer onboarding process quickly reveals the value of your product to the user. These “aha moments” reinforce the benefits of your product to increase the chances that customers stick around. But what happens when your aha moment requires a user to collaborate with others?

Loom provides easy-to-share video messaging for commercial, scholastic, and personal use. It allows for easy video communication between coworkers, especially those on the same team.

It’s this reason that Loom guides new users toward connecting with members of their organization as soon as possible.

How do they do it?

First, Loom identifies your organization based on the email address you signed up with and asks if you’d like to join an existing team from your company.

Loom welcome screens
Loom prompt to join your team

New users learn the essential value of Loom by creating and receiving videos with their teammates. That’s why Loom’s UI positions the “Team” section of the toolbar above everything else. They even include a tooltip prompting the user to invite teammates who aren’t already signed up for Loom for improved collaboration.

Loom UI with a tooltip

The app dedicates substantial UI real estate to prompting the user to create and share a video with their team.

Loom prompt to share your work with your team

Curious users can click the “Show Me How” CTA to trigger a modal window that contains a video tutorial on how to share messages with teammates.

Loom modal window for Team Libraries

Why this is really good UX:

  • Loom creates a unique flow for customers using the product for commercial purposes. This flow drives the user to the “aha” moment—the event where a customer finds value in the product.
  • The product also uses modal windows and tooltips to guide users through their onboarding journey without disrupting their progress.