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Linktree's simple social linking tool

If you have Instagram, you've almost certainly encountered a Linktree link in someone's bio. Linktree is a free tool (they offer a pro plan, too) that let's you create a micro webpage with multiple links. It's a popular tool for creators that have an online presence across multiple domains, or for companies running multiple marketing campaigns. Recently, it's been used to compile links to bail funds, petitions, and Black Lives Matter resources.

The tool is easy to use, thanks to a simple interface and live preview of your finished page. Here's what the first-time user experience was like:

linktree user onboarding experience
New users are asked to categorize their page.
linktree user onboarding confirmation modal
A simple but cheerful modal lets users know to check their inbox.
linktree user onboarding experience simple interface
Users are greeted with a minimalist interface and simple onboarding instructions.
linktree user onboarding experience simple interface customize appearance
The preview on the right changes in real time as links are added and appearance settings changed.

If you want a quick way to share a long list of anti-racism resources, you can now simply toggle on Linktree's Support Anti-Racism feature. Doing so adds a slideout to your micro landing page that links to lists of charities and funds, anti-racism education, and information about BLM protests and petitions.

(Just remember—if you're sharing, you should be also clicking through and taking action yourself! Just say no to performative activism.)

linktree user onboarding experience anti-racism black lives matter feature
Linktree makes it simple to share anti-racism resources

What we like about this really good UX:

  • Linktree was designed to solve a single problem—allowing people to share multiple links on social media at once. They've kept things simple and continue to focus on a single use case, which allows for a streamlined interface with a short time to value.
  • Linktree's free version is probably more than sufficient for most people, but links to its pro features are cleverly integrated into the freemium experience. It's a non-pushy upsell tactic that's sure to become more tempting to frequent users over time.
  • Individual users were already using Linktree and similar tools to share anti-racism and social activism resources. The tool's Support Anti-Racism feature links to many of the causes being shared by individuals, and makes it even easier to spread awareness and share information. In addition to the obvious social good, it's also a good example of a tool adapting to the needs of its users.