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LeadPages' cancellation flow

LeadPages does a great job helping users who have indicated intent to cancel their subscription (churn). The following flow not only mitigates churns, but it also collects valuable feedback to help Leadpages improve their product over time.

When you confirm that you'd like to cancel

Why this is really good UX

  • OK so some of it's a little cheap, but there's a lot of good attempts to save users here. Consider how they use 'Delete Account' as the final button text. It's not that you're cancelling, you're losing all of your data and landing pages too. See each checkboxe text in the last image above? Big incentives to keep you
  • A lot of the text and CTAs are there to help a user who is stuck/frustrated
  • The amount of data that Leadpages surely collects from churned users here is probably very valuable