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Lattice’s encouraging email reminders that prompt user re-engagement

Anyone working from home these days might be familiar with the remote people management platform, Lattice. People Ops teams, especially those managing remote employees, use the performance management tool to create an engaging workplace, highlight team and individual successes, and foster a supportive workplace culture—all on the cloud.

We like Lattice’s overall easygoing interface, as well as their email reminders to revisit the platform.

Here’s a look at what we’re talking about:

A simple but purposeful greeting

Lattice carefully slides into users’ inboxes with the message headline, “How are things going?” It reminds users to pause and check in with themselves.

The two sentences that follow are short and straightforward and encourage users to go back into the platform to complete their task. Lattice reassures the user that completing their update will only set them back a few minutes but will set them up for success.

A preview of the task waiting for you on the platform

When users need to update their goals, Lattice sends them a message that shows a snapshot of their current objectives. The email’s headline displays the number of goals awaiting an update.

Further down in the email, the goal’s title, the last update date, and the goal deadline are on display in a bright green box. There are also two impossible-to-miss “Update your goals” CTA buttons, so users can quickly return to the platform and complete the task.

A guided engagement experience

Users might avoid returning to the platform to write their updates because they don’t know what to say. Lattice makes writing updates easier by giving users prompts instead of expecting them to come up with ideas out of nowhere.

A clear overview of what you’ve accomplished and what’s left to do

When users finish writing updates on the platform, they can look at the progress they’ve made towards their work goals. For example, this user has a complete overview of their last 1:1 meeting with their team lead. The user can see all completed and yet-to-be-done action items from the meeting’s agenda.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The simple UI design of both Lattice’s site and re-engagement emails gets straight to the point. The email CTA buttons stand out and let users know exactly where they lead to on Lattice’s site. When users get to the site, they land right on the page where they write and submit their updates. It’s an all-around seamless experience.
  • The overview of the 1:1 meeting update on the site keeps users organized and shows them how far they’ve come. Instead of clearing completed items off the page, users can visualize the tasks they’ve finished and experience a sense of accomplishment. Visualizing the progress they’ve made, hopefully, motivates users to return to the platform repeatedly to continue documenting their efforts.
  • The copy in Lattice’s  re-engagement emails reminds users why they should complete their updates. Company team members aren’t writing updates for the heck of it. Sharing Lattice updates is an opportunity to encourage engagement among team members and hold users accountable for the goals they set for themselves.