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Insycle’s sleek signup, onboarding, and referral process

Insycle is a data management platform for SaaS companies. Think: deduping, bulk actions, and data record management. 

While many data-focused products rely on demo apps and pre-loaded empty state screens, Insycle has taken a different approach. From the moment you land on the Insycle marketing site, you begin a journey that optimizes for low-friction, quick setup, and short time to value. The whole experience feels sleek and user-friendly. 

The Insycle trial signup experience

Let’s start with the signup process. Notice that Insycle collects a few key attributes—like user goals—that they can use to personalize the product experience.

insycle new user signup form with illustration and declared data fields

Once you’ve signed up for a trial, Insycle prompts you to connect your data platforms. When you’ve connected your first platform, you’re immediately given helpful options for getting started Insycle’s core features. Clear copy makes the wealth of options more manageable. 

screenshot of data management dashboard free trial with hubspotdata and feature options

In-product walkthroughs

Clicking on the “Get Started” CTA launches a step-by-step walkthrough for each individual feature. Since Insycle is a complex product, breaking up the product walkthrough into smaller, more specific tutorials helps avoid information overload.

There are also video resources, linked help articles, and a chat bot all waiting to provide contextual help during the setup process.

screenshot of data management dashboard free trial with hubspotdata and feature options

data management platform dashboard product walkthrough

Easy referrals

Finally, Insycle makes it as easy for users who have already experienced value to refer friends and colleagues onto the platform with a persistent  “invite + reward” CTA in the menu.

invite and reward button in top menu bar

Clicking this button launches a modal with a pre-written, customizable invite. Insycle cleverly uses the body text to spell out the benefits of referring other users—a Starbucks gift card and a thank you from the team).

customer referral form saas data platform
customer referral form saas data platform

Why this is really good UX

  • Insycle’s no-nonsense product walkthroughs make the complex platform more approachable by breaking up large tasks into more manageable chunks.
  • Sometimes, it’s the little things—using the invite body copy to promote Insycle’s referral rewards is a clever use of that space.
  • We love the quirky illustrations on the marketing site and signup page. It adds a touch of fun to the otherwise serious business of data management.

Why this really good UX really matters

The Insycle team knows that one of the most difficult problems with data management platforms is a long time to value. Often, it takes weeks (or months), a full implementation, and a paid subscription to get up and running on a platform of this scope. 

By streamlining the process, consuming data efficiently, and ensuring the user has the proper context on each page, Incycle is able to ensure the prospect’s success on their platform before spending meaningful sales and customer success time to ensure a correct implementation. 

Nice work!