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Honey's new user tutorial

Honey is a Chrome extension that allows you to apply coupons from around the web to your favorite shopping sites. Seems easy, right? The problem is that for a new user, there might be a significant time lapse between when they sign up for Honey and the next time they actually make a purchase online. Let's check out how they elegantly solve this problem:

Once users have installed the chrome extension, they're taken to this landing page. This leads to a CTA that encourages users to try a demo of Honey. Instead of waiting around for new users to purchase something on their own, this demo simulates Honey in action.

Here, we see what honey looks like on a web page.

New users are taken to a real J. Crew checkout page, where they can immediately see how much they'd save using Honey — in this case. $46.32. We like this product tutorial because it engages new users in a real-life scenario and builds a positive loop of activation.