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HoneyBook understands users through microsurveys

Understanding your user base goes a looooong way—from guiding feature decisions to targeting campaigns. Client management solution HoneyBook learns about their audience through the onboarding process.

First, the brand asks users how they found HoneyBook (yay for helping out the marketing team!). Notice how everything from the copy to the design reinforces their friendly, casual brand? Plus, the response buttons make this step quick and painless for the user.

HoneyBook then uses a microsurvey to ask users what they need help with most, emphasizing that this questionnaire will help HoneyBook best support their experience.

Once in the app, a dashboard clearly displays all of the product features, from project management to bookkeeping.

Lastly, users are given an opportunity to test out features with a “client bot.” Naturally, this client’s name is Eliot McBot. This bot enables new users to give features a whirl without having an actual client on the other end. Phew!

What makes this really good UX:

  • HoneyBook provides users with a list of potential use cases during onboarding, so they learn how to get more value out of the product. Users may not have considered using HoneyBook to “automate my booking process” but could explore that feature after discovering that it’s an option.
  • A tooltip explains how users can interact with their clients. This offers the opportunity to learn more about the Inquiries feature or to reply to the client with a brochure.
  • In-app copy gives tips for the Templates feature. By telling users to “Build your emails, proposals, and files once to save time,” HoneyBook helps folks understand how to derive the most value from the feature.
  • The dashboard includes resources such as video tutorials and webinars. If users get stuck at any point, they know they have these self-service options to learn more.