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Help widgets: SnapApp v. Toast

SnapApp and Toast both use help widgets on their respective homepage to provide users a place for asking questions, submitting support tickets, finding answers, etc. There are a few noteworthy differences in their help widgets, so let's take a look:


SnapApp uses a live chat widget-window in the bottom right corner.

Pros: this window suggests that users will be able to get a quick, timely response to their question. Plus, it seems more humanized and conversational.

Cons: this window seems a bit intrusive. If users don't have questions yet, and would rather explore the app on their own first, they are required to minimize the help widget so that they can view the full screen.


Toast uses a tooltip that points to the help widget feature in the bottom right corner.

Pros: this tooltip is less intrusive, and allows users to navigate the page perhaps before even noticing it.

Cons: this style requires an extra step, and slightly delays the process of a user receiving help.