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Eduflow skillfully guides instructors through course creation

Eduflow knows that online courses are redefining education, both for schools and employers. The platform gives instructors flexible options for creating courses that meet their needs. This includes “next level” tools, like interactive features and student progress trackers.

When instructors first create an account, Eduflow offers an easy path to get started and welcomes users with a personalized greeting. Users choose from two options: creating a course from scratch or using a template.

Eduflow welcome screen

Next, Eduflow uses friendly prompts to guide users in adding course activities and flows.

Setting up a course in Eduflow

When users hover over their activities, they can click a “Read more” button. A modal window provides details about how instructors can use that activity, its features, and how students can benefit from that activity type within a course. A recommendation example might be, “You can follow up a content activity with a more engaging learning activity where you ask students to reflect.”

What makes this really good UX:

  • The intro screen includes a friendly “good to meet you” that gives off a community vibe.
  • After signing up, users have two clear choices: creating a course from scratch or choosing a template. This simple selection makes it easy for users to get started.
  • When adding activities and flows, a bright blue arrow directs the user’s eyes to the bottom left corner of the screen, so users aren’t left poking around or unsure of what to do next.
  • The “Read more” button within activities and flows helps users understand the value of those features and also suggests other modules to use. This assistance likely increases overall adoption by encouraging users to try more features.