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Crayon's new user onboarding

Crayon is a competitive marketing platform that offers UX and UI design inspiration. To get visiting users to sign up, they deploy a few onboarding tactics. Let's check them out:

Scrolling-banner CTA

This scrolling-banner CTA only appear when a user scrolls down the page, and disappears as they scroll back up. This CTA might be effective since it's triggered with an action, but it does seem a bit obstructive. It's kinda of like saying, "Want to see the rest? You'll need to sign up to do that." This tactic can actually result in more churn than conversions, since the point at which a user receives first value is delayed further.

Sign up page

Once a user clicks on the banner CTA, they arrive at this sign up page. Immediately, we realize that the image displayed on the right side is not particularly telling of what Crayon offers as a product. In fact, if the text reading, "Sign up to get inspired..." wasn't on the page, I don't think I would know what kind of company Crayon was!

Landing page CTA's

After signing up, users arrive here, with little direction regarding the appropriate next steps. Additionally, there are 2 simultaneously appearing CTA's at the bottom of the page, which might distract users from their end goal.