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Carrot teaches you how to shop smarter in their onboarding

Carrot is a shopping-cart organizer extension that works on Google Chrome. They track, organize, and remind you about the many shopping carts you’ve left abandoned across the web. As with any new kind of SaaS product, educating users on why a product is necessary and how it works is often half the battle. Carrot’s user onboarding does just that by showing you why their product will improve your shopping experience.

Carrot starts with a bit of showmanship by showing you all of the carts you’ve left open around the web. Immediately you’re hit with the value this extension brings because you see all of those carts you’ve long since forgotten about.

carrot extension onboarding start

Next, Carrot shows you how easy adding products to your Carrot account is. They first recommend something to buy and prompts you to add it to your cart. After that, you get a slideout or modal that tells you it’s all done— it's already in your Carrot account.

Lastly, Carrot finishes their onboarding with a quick review of what you can do with their product. They boil their value down to three main value propositions: the ability to save products for later, organize products into collections, and easily return to shopping carts. By distilling this into three easy-to-understand value props, users clearly see what they're getting with their free accounts.

What makes this really good UX:

  • Carrot starts onboarding by showing you the problem you didn’t know you had (abandoned shopping carts), hooking you into the onboarding process.
  • Carrot shows users how easy it is to set up and use their product for their online shopping.