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Canva's tailored onboarding flow

Design app Canva lets non-design experts create amazing graphics for the web and for print. The tool's onboarding flow guides new users to completing the one action that most matters to them in that moment.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Canva tailors the onboarding flow to the needs of each new user, making sure they don't get lost in a plethora of options or overwhelmed by the tool's many capabilities.
  • The interactive onboarding flow helps users create real graphics they can actually use, rather than simply explaining how Canva works in theory. Making an image so quickly with the tool really makes an impact on new users and highlights Canva's value.
  • The final video modal explains how to perform the app's basic actions in each user's tailored onboarding environment. This visual guide familiarizes users with the app's key actions and allows them to start creating right away.