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Canva's new user onboarding

Showing your users how to make the most out of your product is a great onboarding strategy. However, “showing” is no “doing”. Encouraging your users to actually use your product during the onboarding process is the best way to engage users and boost conversions. Let’s check out how Canva both shows users how to effectively use the product, and encourages them to do it themselves:


The large hand-cursor is Canva showing the user how to search for an image.


‍Here, the user actively has to be the one to search for an image, and place it on the page.

Showing and doing

On the left side, Canva gives an example of an attractive image. On the right side, the user makes their own.

Good UX requires some level of instruction or guidance through the features of your product. Really good UX requires active and engaged users. Go from good UX, to really good UX.