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Brightcove's welcome tutorials

Brightcove is one of the leading video hosting platforms with a lot of additional features like live streaming, ad-insertions, social publishing, detailed analytics and much more. However, what caught our attention is their brilliant use of UI to merge app tutorials with their app UI.

Brightcove's onboarding begins with a welcome video that comes inside a pop-up modal:

Brightcove's welcome modal is really good UX because it's a quick video.

In the video, Brightcove gives instructions on how users can get started. Once you close the video, tool tips guide users through additional features in the app:

There are similar guided tours on all major pages:

Why this is Really Good UX:

  • Most human beings are visual beings. Brightcove cleverly starts off with a simple video (via a pop-up modal) to set expectations as to how they can access the main features. Then they use tool tips to guide them further inside the app. This is probably the finest way to  get users onboarded. Instead of acting separately, both the pop-up modal and the tool tips act complementary to each other.
  • Users can go through the guided tour as much as they want. In many apps, it's impossible for users to go through it again after the first time. This is a great disadvantage for those who don't have a great memory or if multiple users are using the same app. In such cases, users are forced to hunt for support or tutorials.
  • There are guided tours on all major pages. This means that users don't have to go back and forth to a particular page when they have a doubt. It's like blending the app tutorials along with the app UI.