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Bonjoro offers recommendations for the best product experience

Bonjoro makes it easy to send customers personalized videos for any purpose, from converting inbound leads to collecting case studies.

They offer new users different paths during onboarding, but clearly tag certain use cases as “Recommended,” so users are encouraged to get the most out of the product.

Bonjoro continues its recommendations with a modal window that includes a short explanation of how Bonjoro’s Tasklist feature benefits users by “ensuring every customer gets an amazing experience.”

Tooltips highlight different product features and emphasize the best ways to use Bonjoro. The tooltip below, for example, suggests integrating Bonjoro with other tools. Bonjoro keeps the onboarding tour fun and breezy with phrases like “less time on admin, more time delighting. 😃”  

And to complete the onboarding experience, Bonjoro uses its own product. The company emails a follow-up video to new users, so they can get a real feel for how the videos look on the receiving end.

What makes this really good UX:

  • By offering recommended paths during onboarding, Bonjoro gives users a choice about how to proceed, while highlighting critical features. This increases the likelihood that users will discover the full potential of the product.
  • The tooltips briefly tell the user what the feature is for (“Add customers to send videos to here”) and also provide a short description of how to use the feature (“Enter them one by one, in batches...”). At the end, Bonjoro includes the “why”—explaining how the feature is part of the overall product experience.
  • The tooltips also indicate where users are in the process (“1/5”). In keeping the onboarding short and letting users know how much is left, Bonjoro increases the likelihood that users will complete the onboarding tour.