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Blue Apron's registration flow

People's food needs come in all shapes and sizes. Blue Apron's registration flow for new users does more than lead them to purchase, it lets them personalize their meal plans in an elegant and effective UI.

Step 1 - Blue Apron's registration page
Step 2 - pick your meal plan.
Step 3 - set your dietary preferences
Step 4 - place your order
Step 5 - an upsell. Want wine with that?

Why this is really good UX:

  • The progress bar at the top sets expectation and builds momentum—it starts at 50% can help build momentum
  • The imagery of the box, the happy couple, the family, and the wine box are all beautifully shot and portray a quality product
  • The discount this user has signed up with is displayed in the top right of the onboarding flow; it then shows up as a big purple bar on the checkout page
  • Towards the bottom of each screen there are reassuring facts about menus, delivery, and dietary preferences that help answer common objections a user might have before buying
  • The upsell option after a first completed purchase is excellent. It's likely that a first time Blue Apron users might enjoy this, and even if they don't buy it this time, they're introduced to the upgrade early.