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Basecamp's welcoming walkthrough

Basecamp is one of the long-standing tools that has passed the test of time. Evolving from a simple task-based tool, it’s now a comprehensive management platform that includes communication functionality and document management. But because product management and team communication is a multifaceted process, migrating to a new tool like Basecamp, can be a formidable task. To minimize the amount of user's who bounce-out, Basecamp offer's a helpful hand to get the user through the boring basics fast.

Why this is really good UX:

  • The interface speaks to the user in a conversational tone to grab the user's attention and guide them through the process. The short text tips make the process of adoption fast and easy and adds to the overall positive user experience.
  • The guided steps concentrate on the critical few tasks, essential to setting up the HQ environment sufficiently before sending out invitations to new team members. This means when the team is exposed to the new tool, they can see how it will work, in context, for a stronger first impression.
  • Basecamp makes full use of their logo, named “Happy Camper,” as the host of the walkthrough. The smiley logo helps set Basecamp apart from their competitors positively and memorably. It seems subtle, but designs decisions like these can help lift the overall mood of an otherwise, taxing task.