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Avochato’s coordinated omnichannel onboarding

These days, brands utilize in-app messaging, email, social media, and more to keep in touch with their customers and even onboard new users.

The SMS platform Avochato is no exception. The brand seamlessly uses three different channels—web app, SMS messaging, and email—to onboard new users and show off their product’s capabilities.

Creating a new account with Avochato is pretty straightforward. The user enters a few pieces of information, including their mobile phone number. Avochato then sends them a verification code to get started.

Within seconds, the user receives a text from Avochato with the verification code. The user goes back to the site to enter that code, and Avochato sends them a follow-up text confirming their account verification.

Avochato also sends a text with a link to download their mobile app.

Once the user’s Avochato account is verified, they can continue creating their account on the web app and reserve their number.

After the user gets their Avochato mobile number, they’re taken to the platform’s dashboard, where they can see the app menu and their message inbox.

The first message in the inbox is from Avochato to the user’s mobile device.  

You can see what that same message looks like on the user’s device below. To try out the functionality of the app, the user follows the text’s instructions and replies to Avochato’s message.

Once the user sends Avochato a text, they receive an email notification displaying the content of the text message along with a link to reply to it on the web app.

The link in the email brings the user right back to the web app, where they can see and respond to the text message on their dashboard.

What makes this really good UX:

  • The Avochato onboarding experience takes users in and out of different channels, but the context switches don’t cause confusion since all of the steps are logical. The platform guides users from one channel to the next with clear instructions and easy links.
  • Avochato’s learn-by-doing approach gives users a real sense of the product’s capabilities. It’s not pictured here, but Avochato does have a product tour to explain the different features of the dashboard. In our opinion, the product-in-action crash course is a pretty seamless and valuable omnichannel experience.