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Avo’s clean and simple signup process

Avo is a tool that helps product teams build, track, and ship clean and reliable product metrics. With Avo’s platform, companies can streamline their analytics governance and increase their operational efficiency.

We zoomed in on the initial signup process for a brand-new Avo user. Here’s a look at how Avo makes it easy for new users to get started:

Onboarding begins with a short form. Avo doesn’t require users to provide too much information, but there’s a field available for users to give a bit more context if necessary.

Next, Avo asks users to describe their product by selecting one of the six major categories.

The following two steps of the signup process ask users about the sources of and the destinations for their data.

Lastly, Avo makes it easy for users to quickly complete their account by signing in with Google or using their email.

What makes this really good UX:

  • The minimal design makes the signup process flow smoothly and quickly. There’s only one question on every page, so there’s never a bunch of text to read. New users can focus on answering one item at a time instead of getting overwhelmed by a lengthy form with multiple fields to fill out. Besides contact details, Avo asks users just three questions to get started. In less than five minutes, users are on their way to using the product!
  • Avo keeps users moving along by reassuring them that none of their answers are set in stone—particularly the questions about users’ data. When users are unsure about an answer, they don’t have to worry or abandon the process, because Avo makes it clear that they can edit their information later.