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Anchor makes podcast creation manageable

Does it feel like everyone and their dog has a podcast these days (new episodes of Pooch’s Politics drop every Monday at noon EST)? Well, that’s because it’s never been easier to start a podcast—and Anchor is leading the charge in streamlining and simplifying  podcast production.

After you sign up for Anchor, you’re met with a 4-step process that gets you from zero to podcast hero.

anchor user onboarding welcome flow
Image from Anchor

The first step is creation. Why handle the details if you’re not even ready to create your first episode?

anchor onboarding 2
Image from Anchor

Anchor’s creation page is nice to look at and delightfully simple. Record right on the page, upload previously recorded audio, and add in those nice little touches that make podcasts seem high value, like transitions and music.

This creation process is easy because everything you don’t need has been removed from the page. Anchor has used less than 75 words to describe and explain its UI clearly. (It takes more words for most people to say hi to mom.)

When you’re all done creating your first masterpiece, you can move on to the details. At this point, users should be hooked. You’ve made your first episode, so adding a title, description, and monetization options should be a piece of cake.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Language is kept positive throughout the onboarding process. For example, the button to the podcast creation page reads: “Let’s do it.” That kind of subtle UX writing adds some personality to an otherwise minimalist experience.
  • The onboarding checklist makes podcast creation manageable to users who might feel overwhelmed by apps that looks too technical or time-consuming.
  • Anchor reassures users that everything doesn’t have to be perfect to start your podcast. Messages like “If you’re not totally ready to commit, try making a short trailer to get your podcast out there” give users permission to do their best. Instead of churning, they’re more likely to give Anchor a go, get comfortable, and then create that complete podcast down the line.