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Adobe Creative Cloud Express shows users how to create

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a design app that enables users to easily create stunning images for social media, websites, and more. But like any design tool, there can be a bit of a learning curve as users familiarize themselves with the UI and tools available.

Express’ onboarding takes a two-prong approach to get users to adopt their product quickly. The first prong is good old-fashioned experimentation—after users log in for the first time, they’re dropped into the creation tool and given a simple overlay that gets them acquainted with the UI.

Adobe Express UI overlay
Image from Adobe

The overlay clearly shows users that the left side of the screen is for adding content, and the right is for editing it. After that, users are free to give it a go and explore on their own.

The second prong of Express’s onboarding involves specific video tutorials to educate users on how to use the platform.

Adobe Express onboarding materials
Image from Adobe

Each video shows users how to accomplish a specific task using Express. Some videos are more basic, like grouping objects, while others get into advanced topics, like Google Drive integration.

Why this is really good UX:

  • Users can explore the UI themselves (but are also given support if they need it.)
  • The overlay is intuitive and playful while still providing a good introduction to how tools are laid out in Express.
  • Users can watch videos to learn how to use each tool so they can follow along and learn how to create images and effects.