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3 reasons why in-app messaging is crucial for good user onboarding

Let's take a step back for a second. If you want to create new, beautiful onboarding experiences that help guide your users to success, in-app messaging is probably something you should consider implementing into your product. Here are three ways that in-app messaging can help you increase traffic, session duration, and conversion rates in your onboarding process: 

Implement welcome messages 


A well-crafted welcome message can provide the much needed motivation that engages users in your app. Offering call-to-actions right away can help naturally draw user interest, too. 

Teach users how to use your product 

Guide your users through the various features of your app so that they don’t feel overwhelmed or lost. Point out important UI elements and control the user experience without being intrusive.

Personalize your user’s experience 


In-app messages are easy to customize and personalize, making your onboarding experience as successful as possible. Experiment by customizing in-app messages, see what works, and adapt your onboarding experience for the better.