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Crowd Content’s friendly new user survey

One way to delight new users is to let them choose their own adventure—that is, their own onboarding experience.

Check out what the folks at Crowd Content are up to. The platform connects clients looking for content writers with the freelancers they need to get the job done. But not every content writing project is the same, which means users come to the platform with different needs.

Before Crowd Content addresses these diverse needs, it introduces all new users to the app with a modal window starring a friendly face:

Users are then greeted with a series of questions meant to determine how they plan on using the product. Crowd Content knows most of its customers fall into one of two groups: those who are working on one-off projects and those who plan on using the product for continuous content creation. Each user is sent through a personalized onboarding flow depending on how they answer the questions in the modal window. 

These unique flows ensure that users only receive guidance on features that are relevant to their agenda. For instance, users who signal their intent to only use Crowd Content for a one-time project receive a few helpful but simple tips that allow them to get started on their project ASAP.

However, those who express interest in using Crowd Content for the long run will experience different in-app messages. One message asks if users would like to schedule a 15-minute demo with a client success manager. 

“Personalizing the onboarding experience with a new user survey improved our conversion rate by 15%,” explains Stefanie Brown, product manager at Crowd Content. “It’s because new users feel like someone cares about them and wants to make sure they’re successful.”

What makes this #GoodUX:

  • Crowd Content asks users a few quick questions to send them through the appropriate flow, granting them a personalized onboarding experience without bogging down the process.
  • The company uses this personalization to its advantage, adding a prompt that helps users look for a demo while increasing their conversion rate in the process.